Part of the trouble with engaging in a creative pursuit is that most of the people around you will probably not be able to understand engaging in something that is inherently fraught with difficulty in every imaginable way. Just one of the smaller difficulties within said difficulty is the difference in the time scale on … More Time

Productivity Tool #1

I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity lately, largely because I’ve gotten precious little work done over the past couple of holiday months and want to get back on track. Since I’ve had some success with this in the past, I thought I’d share some of the things that made a drastic difference in the … More Productivity Tool #1

Value Time

I’m watching Huang’s World, recommended, on Viceland and he’s walking through a cellar of wines, some of which are well over a hundred years old. One of them is from the mid-eighteen hundreds. My first thought is that it’s pretty cool that someone saved anything for so long. But then I start to wonder – … More Value Time

What Is All Of This?

What is writing, especially fiction? What purpose does it serve? Where does it come from? Why do we spend time doing it, or doing anything? Sometimes it all slips through your fingers, because finally, there is no reason. It is its own reason, like everything else.

Just Work

No matter what you’re doing creatively, it will involve work. It will be fun, but not just fun. If the project doesn’t come with immediate tangible rewards, getting through it will mean fostering a particular state of mind. The end, what comes next, and even what has already come, all have to take a backseat to now. … More Just Work


There seem to be an infinite number of things for which agents and publishers are searching. There are an infinite number of pitfalls and ways not to fit into their prescribed box. But the issue that no one addresses is this – if you try to give them what they want, it very likely won’t … More Selling

Open Up

One of the beautiful things about fiction is that it gives the writer a chance to explore his or her own life in an uncensored way. The page will never criticize or condemn and so offers a freedom that can otherwise be difficult to come by. It forces one to view their beliefs in a critical way, … More Open Up

Get Out of Your Way

The most difficult part about engaging in a long-term, time-demanding project, goal, dream, what have you, is contending with everything else.  By the time you jump in, you’re likely already well-prepared to do whatever it is you’ve set out to accomplish. You already have everything you need but you still have to live your life – that’s the … More Get Out of Your Way