Just Work

No matter what you’re doing creatively, it will involve work. It will be fun, but not just fun. If the project doesn’t come with immediate tangible rewards, getting through it will mean fostering a particular state of mind. The end, what comes next, and even what has already come, all have to take a backseat to now. Now is when you get the work done.

This is a practice all in itself – learning to work without thinking. It’s like getting out of your own way to let the process take care of itself. This is true to fostering any skill. Thinking about every step of the process begins to hinder the work. Once the foundation is laid, there comes a point when you have to allow yourself to stop trying. When you do, things start to happen automatically, and most of the time better than if they had been planned. The trick is learning to trust that mechanism completely and let it work for you.


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