Get Out of Your Way

The most difficult part about engaging in a long-term, time-demanding project, goal, dream, what have you, is contending with everything else.  By the time you jump in, you’re likely already well-prepared to do whatever it is you’ve set out to accomplish. You already have everything you need but you still have to live your life – that’s the hard part.

If you were provided a getaway, in which you were given all the things required to survive day-to-day without the need to think about them, the journey to your goal would be a still-demanding, though relatively smooth ride. But for most of us, this isn’t an option. We have lives to contend with that constantly try to push our personal goals to the back burner.

In one sense this is good news. It means that our goals are achievable, not to be feared or worried over. However, it also indicates that we are carrying the real source of difficulty with us day-in, day-out – ourselves, and everything attached.

Inside is where the real challenge lies. It wakes up with you in the morning, follows you to work and sits with you at meals. It’s with you no matter what you do or where you go. It’s other goals and needs, desires, whims. It’s life.

Learning to live today, now, with acceptance is a bigger challenge than any other. After that, everything becomes easier, including living itself. Luckily the answer requires no effort, only letting go, of doubt, fear, control, of the “need to live.”

You’re the only thing in your way. Stop trying to live, and live.


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