Is This Good?

So, you’re working on a project and part of you keeps wondering if anyone will like it…

Really seeing your own work will, to some extent, be impossible. It’s just too ingrained in you. It would be like trying to watch a movie you’ve already seen a hundred times as if it were the first time. There is a first time for everything, but only one first time for anything.

This fact is limiting in a way, but in a more important way it’s freeing. You get to have a much broader look at your work than anyone else. It will never be as good to you as your favorite things by someone else. It’s just not possible. But that’s great news because it means that you are your hardest critic. You’re set with the task of making something so interesting that it keeps the attention of someone who already knows it inside and out.

This is an invaluable tool because it automatically lets you know if something is missing. If you get bored making it, it’s not good enough. That boredom or disinterest is your indication that you think it could be better. That’s the time to take a left turn. It won’t result in the same experience as being moved by another person’s work, but it may eventually allow you to give that experience to someone else, and you will be satisfied.

As long as you listen to that voice you will come up with something that is good to you, which should be the hardest thing to do. There will always be people who don’t like what you come up with but there are also people who don’t like The Twilight Zone, so…


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