Where to start…

You’re standing at the bottom of an impossibly tall mountain and you have to scale it, but you can’t even see the top because it’s so high up. In spite of how it appears, this will be easy.

Beginning a long-term project is the most daunting part of the project, and if you keep thinking about the distance to the end, you’ll probably never finish. So how does one begin?

One crucial thing is to stop measuring progress, to stop analyzing where you are versus where you’d like to be. What you need to do is make small, consistent efforts toward your goal without looking too far ahead. When you stop paying attention to the distance and instead focus on the climb, not only will you start making progress, it will be quicker, easier and higher quality progress than you ever thought possible.

The idea that something will be hard is just that, an idea. So it’s important to remember – this will be easy.


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